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AIM Study Centre

We are proud to have an inhouse training centre that specializes in providing training programs to students, workers and visitors to gain the skills and knowledge essential for their permanent residency or work place. Aim Study Centre boasts of a strong reputation for assisting students in school as well college studies by providing an opportunity to seek assistance if they are struggling with their programs. After school programs assist Canadian students as well providing a great exchange opportunity for the new immigrants and potential permanent residents.

Language Training (IELTS/ CELPIP)

Aim Study Centre provides extensive training as well as study material for students appearing for language proficiency exams to meet their language needs. Canadian immigration lays a lot of emphasis on language skills and awards points on almost all immigration programs for language skills. Programs at Aim Study Centre are designed keeping in mind that language skills are essential for the workplace as well as immigration programs and hence customised training programs are created to ensure student success.

ESL (English as Second Language)

Aim Study Centre also offers ESL programs for students desiring to travel to Canada to learn English as a Second Language. Visitors are also encouraged to utilise their time in getting Canadian language skills through these programs that do not require a study permit to be enrolled for. The English as a second language program is completely aligned with the Canadian Language Benchmarks thus providing a great experience to students. You can contact the office of Aim Study Centre to find out more about next start dates.

Career Counselling

Expert Career counseling and guidance is provided to those seeking a pathway for their careers at Aim Study Centre. Working under the guidance of a trained and experienced Career counselor, Aim Study Centre has helped many students till date, identify their strengths and weaknesses, build professional resumes, identify the threats and opportunities around them and create a successful path to their dream jobs. Assistance is also provided to temporary foreign workers in identifying jobs that align with their immigration needs, associating them with employers through networking events, providing assistance in creating resumes and interview preparation workshops etc. to build their confidence and improve their level of motivation.

Canadian Pathway Programs

Aim Study Centre is a leading name in providing training programs to skilled professionals from around the world, who are looking for advice on how to get equivalency for their professional licences and degrees. Training is provided for professionals like Nurses, Dentists, Lawyers and Physiotherapists etc. through online classes wherein they can study from the comfort of their home and country, and continue to progress towards their licencing and equivalency requirements. Training is provided by leading educationists and trained professionals to provide adequate exposure to Canadian job market.

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