Arrival Services

Arrival Services

At Globus, we care about our clients and understand that the transition phase to a new country could be hard and challenging sometimes. We assist our clients with both pre-arrival and post-arrival. We are here to help you for a seamless integration to Canadian life and culture.

Step we take to ensure smooth arrival at the border:

  • Prior to your arrival we will collect the travel itinerary from you to have a smooth arrival.
  • We will prepare and provide a complete package for each client so you may provide it to the Border Officer upon arrival if requested.
  • We will also provide in person or phone assistance in case you need assistance to answer the Officers questions.

Additional Arrival Services at Globus

We can provide assistance for any of the following services upon request or based on the clients needs.

  • Airport Pick-up Facilities
  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • College/ University Admissions
  • Opening Bank Account(s)
  • Obtaining Transportation Pass
  • Food or Tiffin Services
  • Mobile and Internet Set-up
  • Obtaining Drivers License
  • Regional Associations and Clubs
  • Worship Places
  • Sightseeing options
  • Job Search
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