Become Our Agent

Become Our Agent

At Globus Immigration, we associate with agents from around the globe to coordinate between clients and us for a synchronized process of immigration. We work closely with our agents, offering training as well as competitive commission structures which are determined on the basis of their commitment, complexity of duties and involvement during the application process.

Agent relationships allow us to assist clients who are in need of Canadian immigration services, through our global agent network. As we offer a wide variety of services, the clients can range from students to entrepreneurs, or even family class applicants. All our agent relationships and communications are conducted as per ICCRC’s Agent Regulations.

We pride in working with agents that uphold the standards of immigration services established by ICCRC for its regulated members. This gives us the confidence to work as a team and have a healthy working relationship.

If you are motivated to help people achieve their dreams of living in Canada, we will be glad to work with you. Our alliance would be mutually beneficial and rewarding. If you would like to work with our team, please submit your information below!


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