Get Help as an International Student in Canada

Are you an international student in Canada? Are you struggling for the right advice or looking for help? Well! You are not alone and there is always someone who can help. Let us look at some useful resources that can help you during your study.

  1. Your School
  2. Each educational institute has an international department that caters to the academic needs of the international students while also providing great networking opportunities to the students. Check with your academic counselor or course coordinator to look for these resources in your school, college or university.

  3. Local Resources
  4. Most of the cities which have a huge influx of international students have grown accustomed to having international students in their neighbourhoods. Canada is a very friendly community and many neighbourhoods have special support groups that work towards supporting international students, though free food, entertainment and cultural associations.

  5. Religious Associations
  6. Students often find relief through religious associations which extend their help to international students by providing food and shelter to those in urgent need. Checking your neighbourhood for religious places that can assist is a great idea for newcomers. It is also an important resource that brings peace and harmony during the tough times like moving to a totally new environment by connecting you with your roots in a foreign land.

  7. Cultural Associations
  8. Canada is a cultural mosaic and people from different cultures unite and celebrate their unique culture. A lot of cultural associations exist to maintain their culture and provide a networking opportunity for residents and international students alike.

  9. Support Groups
  10. As an international student you may experience various stresses and some may require medical support. There are a lot of support groups which work as non-profit organisations as well and can provide mental health support. You can check with local organisations, newcomer centres and libraries in your area to find such support groups.

Always remember that you are alone and there is someone who you can talk to. Finding resources in your local community can be done through internet searches, friends or your school resources. Where there is a hope there is a way! If you don’t find a way, allow us to help you. We will be glad to connect you with your local resources!

Get Help as an International Student in Canada
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